Downturn Proof Your Restaurant This Winter

restaurants in winter

Restaurants often face challenges during winter downturns due to factors such as colder weather, holiday season, and reduced outdoor dining options. This can be stressful and worrisome, but with a plan it does not have to be. We compiled a list of several strategies you can employ to overcome these challenges and maintain steady business […]

Can You Simultaneously Decrease Busywork and Increase Profitability?

Decrease Busywork and Increase Profitability

Can You Simultaneously Decrease Busywork and Increase Profitability? For the small business owner, the necessity of keeping financial records may be the difference between success, failure, or years of mediocracy. For most owners, their passion compelled them into taking the risk of working for themselves. Almost no one started a business so they could spend […]

How MAT Provided Support During COVID

support during COVID

How MAT Provided Support During COVID We’re proud to say that we team up with our customers. We’re not a Time and Materials partner with our finger on the time clock; one fixed fee and we’re there with support. COVID is a case in point. Learn how MAT provided support during COVID. First, MAT’s belief […]

Cost and Profit Management in a Volatile Market

hospitality industry

Hospitality Industry Accounting How to simplify accounting with a 28 days cycle. How to maintain and even approve accounting when underlying costs are unsteady, for example in the Hospitality Industry. The hospitality industry has bigger problems because the weekend is so important for restaurants. They may do little business on the weekends if they are […]

Complex Problems, Simpler Solutions for Non-Profit Accounting

non-profit accounting

How tech solutions simplify the problem and processes in nonprofit accounting. Introduction Imagine your organization gets a multi-year grant from the national science foundation. The lead time on the grant is 6-9 months and you have 2 years to draw down on the grant. Also, the money must be allocated toward the commitments you made […]

Bruce Lange on Crafting Retirement Portfolios and Managing Cash Reserves

Retirement Portfolios

Saving for Retirement with Bruce Lange I often get asked to provide investment advice because of my background. Many of our clients want guidance on how to invest their reserves, or need help structuring their retirement portfolios. Although I no longer do this for a living, as an MBA in Finance from Berkeley, the long-time […]